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So here’s a thing. In an unusual moment for us, we are posting about something just about on its actual release date. Yup. Unusual for two reasons. The first reason our regular reader will be more than familiar with. We are nothing if not bone idle. So we’re pretty pleased with today’s post for an album that’s out next Monday. The second reason is things don’t really have proper release dates any more as you’re more likely to stumble across something brilliant than make an appointment to buy on a set date. Over the coming months, we’d wager people will be stumbling across Black Hay, because, well, it is something rather brilliant.

They first came to our attention earlier in the year when they dropped us a great email. We’ve talking about this sort of stuff before. There is a way onto the pages of blogs like ours, but first you have to realise just how much music you’re up against out there. Tons. Our inbox pings away gently all day long with emails from people making music. In the grand scheme of things we’re a tiny blip of a site. You shudder to think how many emails bigger and better sites get.

Black Hay’s email was such a treat. Don’t want to spill the beans, because then our inbox will just be full of treat emails and we’ll have to find another way of sifting them. Needless to say, we felt it’d be rude not to give them a spin. Rude? We didn’t know the half it.

We don’t know a whole lot about Black Hay (yes, we know, what’s new?) and somehow that seems okay because heck does the music do the talking. What we do know is that it’s the work of Londoner Gideon K and it fair stopped us dead in our tracks. It’s dark, Jim. And it’s rude, dirty rude. And there’s an album of this stuff, it’s called ‘Romantic Music For Perverts’. Which is just about right. He’s clearly a man who knows his Johnny Cash. He has been described as “worse than Leonard Cohen”, which we’d take as some sort of compliment, and called a baby Nick Cave, which is about right too, it’s that sort of dirt dripping in romantic filth.

Favourites round here are the muck and lust of ‘I Feel Something’, have a listen, it’ll make you blush. And there’s the heartbreaking Lemonheads-y ‘Skinny Wings’ (“you’ll never make it with the angels with such a skinny pair of wings”), but where it really parks tanks is the duo of “Open Up” and “Lord Rest My Soul”.

In these two songs you can hear an artist going places. They sound like songs way beyond a debut from an unsigned artist. If the piano gospel of “Lord Rest My Soul” is in any way some indication of where Black Hay are headed, consider this a warning. We might have just written about a band who we can finally say told you so about.

The album is out on 16 March, don’t muck about eh? Get it from their bandcamp. Consider it an investment.

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