Belgian Fog… hit or mist?

Neil Mason — Neil Mason @ 16:24

So… the usual excuses for not posting since forever o’clock. We’ve been really busy just sitting on our hands. It’s hard work being this bone idle. So anyway, we decided to spend the morning plugged into our inbox. It’s stupidly full, so much music, just the one pair of ears. We’ve posted some of the highlights on our new-ish Facebook page. It’s like this site, only a faster musical fix for all concerned. Please tell your friends.

Right, so as we were working through months of emails, a new one pinged in from Belgian Fog, one Robert Dale who works at Seattle’s excellent KEXP radio station and happens to also make music as the aforementioned.

There’s two tracks to go on, ‘You Drive Me To Madness’ and ‘Wait For Help’. We duly fired up ‘You…’ and first thought was this sounds a bit not quite right, a bit, what’s the word? Broken. The vocal sounds as lazy as us… like actually singing words is a total luss, and then you get to the chorus. Boy, the chorus. It’s like lighting birthday candles with a flame thrower. ‘Wait…’ is much the same, the flipping chorus is stonking. And the more we listen, the better both tracks get. For some odd reason that lazy-ass vocal makes us think Walker Brothers. Or is that just us? Just us then.

And then we read the email again in which Robert, very casually, mentions the producer is John Goodmanson. Bikini Kill? Blonde Redhead? Death Cab For Cutie? Sleater Kinney? Los Campesinos!? Yup, that John Goodmanson. There’s something afoot here. Looks like a best-kept secret to us. Won’t be for long. We’re taking bets.

More hear…
– There is, as far as we can see, just the Soundcloud. We’d suggest you put it on repeat.


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