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Quickly, because we’re quite busy today at MNFB Towers, but we have to share this. We have been listening to Dubmood on repeat all morning and it just gets better and better and better.

‘Ma Version’ is the first single from their upcoming album ‘Machine’, which is due in the autumn on the independent chipmusic label Data Airlines out of Marseille in French France. Made us wonder if there is any other kind of chipmusic label other than independent. Can’t imagine the Sony offshoot… thankfully.

Dubmood, aka Swedish ex-pat Kalle Jonsson, have been kicking around for a decade, passed us by obviously, but as their label say, and we can’t say it better so we’ll just repeat it, Dubmood are ‘breathing life into a genre hampered by cliché video game references and candy-coated melodies’. Aren’t they just.

We’ve never really paid much attention to the whole 8-bit thing, all a bit daft for us, but Dubmood seem different, there’s a real warmth here, a deliciously deep bassy rumble that really lifts it all above that stereotypically cold 8-bit thrum… then there’s the smoky female vocal, in French, natch, and a melody that is already stuck firmly in our heads… and then there’s the Bright White Lightning Remix – a proper treat. It’s like New Order doing 8-bit. No, really. We love that they replace the vocal with an English male version. And when the band kicks in towards the end. Heck.

More hear…
– Check out the Data Airlines site, there’s a ton of other stuff to get stuck into if you like this. Time well spent.
– The radio edit of ‘Ma Version’ is available from Dubmood’s Soundcloud page as a free download…


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