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Blast. This oddly-named London-based three-piece are good. It’s not often you get to write a sentence with three consecutive hyphenated phrases is it? Been wondering if it’s grammatically correct, not quite sure it is, but hey ho, it’s our blog and we make the rules. So anyway, thanks Mayors Of Miyazaki for providing us with that little literary moment.

We have a very feint recollection of their debut 2008 album ‘Buffalo!’ mainly because it features a song called ‘Force Feeding Morrissey A Bacon Sandwich’. Bit daft admittedly, but not as daft as ‘David Manning Bernard Matthews David Manning Bernard Matthews’, which features on the same album. But there’s something rather wonderful at work here, despite the daftness. Other titles from the same album include ‘Baloot!’, ‘Butter Stinker’, ‘Hot Kids’ and ‘Beggar Wears Like A Monk’. We do like people who have a nice way with words.

And then there’s the music. You’ve gotta love a three-piece, in fact it is the law round these parts. This lot are tight as heck, fast as chuff, bright and breezy with shouty girl/boy vocals and songs that stab away like Hannibal Lecter in a pig farm. It’s really delightful choppy, stuttering stuff with a solid dash of pop. It’s not just loud loud loud, it’s full of tunes too. Sold? Wait until you actually hear it. Their new album, the excellently entitled ‘Holy Cop’ came out on We Be Records a week or so ago (yes, we know, finger on the pulse as usual), there’s a far better review than we can muster at if you haven’t had enough and you want some more.

So. Question is, Why the heck aren’t this lot proper famous. They’ve been feeling a little love from 6 Music with both Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq giving them a spin, which is a start, but come on. We’ve banged on before somewhere about how the internet only makes it harder to be in a band rather than easier. This has to be case in point. What on earth are a band this good doing pedalling their wares on such a small scale. In the olden days they’d have been snapped up by some label or other and would be ripping a new hole in venues all over the place.

Thankfully, The Mayors have a really healthy attitude, which you’d guess is a good thing. It’s a case of buy their stuff if you can, but if you can’t they encourage illegal sharing of it, because, in their words “it’s not going to listen to itself”. And this stuff really does need listening to.

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– Buy the new album, ‘Holy Cop’ from here… or have it on cassette from here, the choice is yours.


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