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Neil Mason — Neil Mason @ 14:25

Tags on websites are useful when pretending you’re still a music journalist. If I was looking for words to describe the excellently named Friends Of The Stars I might well have written a piece that used some or all of the following words: country folk harmony pop harmony vocals alt-country Birmingham.

They’re from Birmingham, see, and they’re gearing up to release their second album, ‘Faith’s Meat Kiosk’, on 23 April. Words that don’t appear in tags relating to them, but could prove important, are fried chicken seasoning secret recipe. In a quite brilliant move, FOTS are getting all Reggae Sauce on us and if you buy some of their seasoning, you’ll get the album for free. But we think we’ve spotted a flaw in their marketing strategy – you can only buy the seasoning from music website bandcamp. Not the first place we go when looking for secret recipe fried chicken seasoning we have to say.

More hear…
– There’s a website… and the fried chicken seasoning is available form bandcamp.


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