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Sometimes, things seem to take on a life of their own. When I set up the idea was to share the music I own on vinyl. The kind of music you’d only get to hear if you came round mine for a rummage. It didn’t seem right that all this fantastic music existed and yet, thanks to record label short-sightedness, no one will hear it unless they’re lucky enough to own it.

What I didn’t expect to become was a place where I unloaded stories. To be honest, I’ve never been very good at giving myself the big ‘un, but I’ve found I really enjoyed the little tales attached to my vinyl.

Sensateria, I thought, were the exception. thought I’d just put it here because it’s a cracking tune. Nothing more to say. Nope.

Only… Sensateria’s ‘Give Me My Auger Back’ appeared in July 1997, at the height of big beat – We had to call it something. And who says the music press just invent scenes? Think Monkey Mafia, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Lionrock, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Propellerheards, Death In Vegas, The Wiseguys. The grandmaster was, of course, Norman Cook, the clue being his Brighton nightout, Big Beat Boutique, which he ran with Skint’s Damien Harris.

You’re probably one step ahead of me here, because, yup, Sensateria was Norman Cook, like Mighty Dub Catz was Norman Cook. Hands up, I had no idea at the time, just loved what was coming out of his excellent Southern Fried label. Listen to it will you? How could I not have known? Fine journalist I was.

Anyway, I’ve never met Norm, but I knew Zoe Ball to say hello to in her pre-being Norman’s wife days. She was a proper indie kid, you’d bump into her all over the place – actually, it was mainly Camden, but you know.

So one night I was in Camden doing a feature on the inaugural Camden Crawl. Can’t remember if it was the actual night, or if we were doing a preview. Whatever. In tow I had Barry Ashworth off of Dub Pistols, couple of bods from Symposium, Matt and Phil from the Lo-Fis and Louis Jones from Warm Jets. Sure there was someone else. Ho hum. Get me shameless name dropping. I knew the stars let me tell you.

So anyway, after a couple of halves we found ourselves in the Palace (Camden not Buckingham) where I got chatting to Zoe. Introduced her to the charges for the night and, blow me over, if a week later she wasn’t dating Louis. Lovely man, didn’t deserve the kind of tabloid attention he got when she suddenly went stella – landed the Radio 1 Breakfast show I think it was. As I recall it was a NoTW splash. Holiday snaps, big old lens, properly pap job.

I was in Bedford a few months after their relationship fizzled to review Warm Jets. They could be a bit hit and miss live, but when they got it right they were stonking. They were on fine form that night.

After, I was sitting in the dressing room with Louis. I apologised once or twice, while he maintained that look popular with rabbits, especially those flattened by the car with the headlights. You know, the one full of tabloid hacks gnashing their teeth and frothing at the mouth.

Louis wasn’t at all starry, he understood the game we all played, he knew his place and made the most of his time. I liked him a lot. He didn’t regret it one bit. And he’s got one hell of a story waiting for the grandchild.

KiN… hell

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KiN ‘Papageno’

Sorry it’s been kind of quiet round these parts this summer, but we’ve been busy. Oh yes. Been getting back in the saddle, and getting comfy today and job number one is clearing out waaaaaaaay too much dubstep, techno, tech-house and various combinations of the above from our dropbox. Blimey, if we had a pound for every bedroom DJ sticking stuff in our ears we’d have £92.

As our regular reader will know, we’ve started using soundcloud on our sister site,, and it’s very neat indeed, take a look if you’ve a mo. Only problem is hypem doesn’t pick up tracks from soundcloud. Hypem assure me it should only be a matter of time, and then we’ll make the switch to their player here too.

So anyway, after our ears were hurting from the sound of waaaaaaaay too many repetitive beats we found a proper pearl. ‘What kind of magic is this?’ are the words that squeeze themselves, popping out in a Minnie Mouse squeak (and we mean that in a good way), from the quite breathtaking pipes of Stockholm’s Sara Hedin, or KiN if you’ve got a soundcloud dropbox. Which we have. Have we mentioned it?

What kind of magic indeed. With a growling thrum of backing tracking, think Depeche Mode booted out the back of a Transit on a cold, dark winter’s night, think Lykke Li taken by the darkside, think Kyle with Winehouse’s problems, think Emilliana Torrini on 45, Bjork dating Goldie… oh, hang on…

In our usual through music journalist manner we know Sara is a girl, she dwells in Stockholm and has released two albums as KiN, ‘The Zombic Hunch’ and the brand-new ‘Those Bombs Were Made For Us’, there’s also an EP and four, count ’em, singles. We also know that one of her songs ‘Sandman’ featured in Portuguese TV soap Morangos com Açucar, we never miss an episode.

She deserves better than Portuguese soaps though. What she does is quite quite quite quite the most brilliant thing we’ve heard all year. ‘Papageno’ stopped us dead in our tracks. It sounds utterly bonkers first time, and come to that it still sounds bonkers the second time too. What it does is leave you scrabbling for more. And the more is just as good.

Not only does Sara sound like a star, she looks like one too… almost. With eyes you could stand teacups on, she’s got something of the Cheryl Cole about her… only with a Katie Price makeover… at night… with doll’s clothes. Sounds original, check, looks original, check. You could file comfortably under the current 80s electro revival and no one would bat an eyelid.

Best of all though, the whole thing has the sort of rough diamond feel that gets people like us all worked up. It’s all there, but it could do with a bit of spit and polish. Not the finished article, which is a good thing, but you just know when she does (and from where we’re sat, it is when rather than if) get a polish, well, blimey.

More hear…
– The album then, ‘Those Bombs Were Made For Us’, is available from iTunes.
– There’s the usual MS and a site too, which looks like it’ll fall over over if you click on anything. I’m assured it’s being rebuilt, but it’s all part of the charm, all part of the charm…
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